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Reasons for common Honda failures and repairs

Honda is the second largest automotive manufacturer that is located in Japan. The only brand out of Japan to top Honda is Toyota. Being known for reliability has helped Honda to grow immensely. With the release of Acura in 1986 they became the first Japanese auto manufacturer to release a luxury line of vehicles. They are also known around the world for producing motorcycles, and power equipment. Honda is actually one of the largest motorcycle manufacturers by volume in the world. Even with their history of reliability, this brand of automobiles is not exempt from their own common issues. Throughout their lineup there has been common complaints from their faithful followers for each model they have to offer.

Common complaints of HONDA owners

Honda Civic Repair

The Civic is Hondas answer to the compact car market. Since being brought to the market around 1972 this model has been known for its reliability, and fuel efficiency. For the longest time the Civic was Hondas biggest seller, and has continued to grow in popularity throughout the years. Many owners have complained of window issues with the Civic. The power window switch tends to fail causing the windows to not operate. There have also been reports of this issue being intermittent at times. This can only be corrected by replacing the faulty switch.

Honda Accord Repair

Similar the Civic in sales is the Honda Accord. This midsize vehicle continues to be one of the highest selling vehicles in North America. This model can be found in sedan, coupe, hatchback, and even crossover versions. The Accord is also known to have more available options then it’s smaller sibling. This model has been plagued with transmission issues throughout it’s years of existence. There have been many reports of transmission slippage, and complete overall failure. The most common repair when the Accord has transmission problems is to perform an overhaul of the transmission itself.

Honda Odyssey Repair

The Honda Odyssey is a very popular minivan that is offered by Honda. This minivan is known for setting the standard in the minivan market. Reliability, safety, and fuel economy have brought this model to the front of the pack in its class. One of the most popular reasons owners purchase the Odyssey is for its large electric doors. Unfortunately Honda has seen their fair share of issues with these electric doors. There are multiple reasons for the sliding doors to become inoperational. The best plan of attack is to have proper diagnosis performed by a trained technician to locate the route cause of the issue.

Honda Ridgeline Repair

Many Asian automotive manufacturers have joined the truck market alongside the North American brands. Hondas answer to this market is the Ridgeline. This model is a midsize truck that did not gain much traction in the truck world. Honda eventually decided to stop production of the vehicle, but has decided to revamp the model recently so they can bring it back to the market. This model is known for having issues with the transmission shifting into fourth gear. There is a software update for the transmission from the manufacturer that has had much success of correcting this issue.

Honda Pilot Repair

The Pilot is Hondas answer to the popular midsize SUV market. This vehicle is the largest in the Honda lineup, and can be found with third row seating. There is no other model in the Honda lineup that offers third row seating besides the Honda Odyssey. This vehicle was initially designed towards the North American market. There have been some complaints of the headlights becoming inoperative. It has been found that the combination switch for the headlights is known to fail. Replacement of the combination switch could repair the no headlight issue.

Honda CRV Repair

The Honda CRV is the compact SUV in the Honda lineup. This model was brought to life around 1995 allowing the Japanese brand to compete in the compact SUV market. The CRV is most notably known for its reliability, and fuel efficiency. Some owners have found that the door locks will become inoperative over time. This is normally due to the lock tumblers failing which will not allow the locks to turn. The only way to correct this issue is to replace the faulty lock tumblers.

Honda is one of the most popular automotive brands in the world. This manufacturer has a large following that continues to grow as time goes by. Being known for reliability, fuel efficiency, and safety has allowed this manufacturer to rise to the top of the automotive world. Even with their common problems there is no stopping this brand from continuing to grow.

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