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Common Mercedes failures and repairs

There are many luxury automobile manufactures who claim to be the best. Not many share the same heritage, style, or success as Mercedes-Benz. Since being founded in 1926 this manufacturer as been the standard for style, performance, and luxury in the automotive world. Many have tried to reach the same level of success as Mercedes, and many have failed trying. However, every rise to the top will come with its set backs.  Over the years Mercedes has introduced many new technologies that have had their fair share of introductory pains. If looking to purchase a used Mercedes it is important to  know what to look for with each class so an educated decision on which to purchase can be made.

Common complaints from vehicle owners for some popular models in this luxury line up.

Mercedes C Class

The C class was introduced into the Mercedes line up in 1993. This class was the smallest in the family up until the A class was introduced. Being the smallest class has allowed for it’s rise in popularity over the years. Even though drivability complaints are not widely published, this class has it fair share of interior faults. Interior door handles, trim, and dash panels are the topic of many conversations. These components are known to delaminate which presents a poor appearance when sitting behind the wheel. The only way to correct this issue is by simply replacing the deteriorated components.

Mercedes E Class

The E class was brought into the line up the same year as the C class. This was Mercedes answer to a mid-size vehicle. Just like every other class this group was known for it’s luxury, and style during it’s time. The class has not lived up to some of the same attributes that many owners have come to enjoy with the auto manufacturer. Mercedes has been known to have smooth transitioning shift points which helps aid in in a comfortable driving experience. The E350 is no exception with it’s seven speed transmission. There are many complaints of this class having rough shift points over time due to faulty internal failures of the transmission. This complaint unfortunately leads to a very costly repair. The only way to improve this issue is to have the transmission rebuilt using updated components from Mercedes.

Mercedes G Class

The G glass is the only group in the Mercedes line up that is distinctly different then the rest. Since the class was initially designed as a military vehicle it is filled with both functionality, and purpose. With it’s boxy appearance this SUV is now rugged, and luxurious all wrapped up into one vehicle. The power window components of this class do not share the same rugged history as the other vehicle components. There are many complaints of failing window regulators which will leave vehicle owners stranded with inoperative windows. This complaint is normally corrected with replacement of the faulty window regulator.

Mercedes S Class

Mercedes has had many different classes of vehicles over the years. There is one class that stands above the rest. Many know this class as the flag ship of the luxury line up. The S class is a larger line of vehicles that has set the standard of what luxury should be for some time now. Being known as the “special” class has not left this line of vehicles exempt from common failures. The most known failure for the class would be failure of the blower motor. The blower motor it self is not always to blame. There have been reports of water leakage through the cabin air filter cavity of this vehicle causing the failure. Up to this point in time there are still no confirmed reasons as to why water leakage in this area has occurred. Many simply replace the blower motor assembly, and hope it does not occur again.

Mercedes M Class

The M class in the Mercedes line is the auto manufactures answer to the popular mid-size SUV. Being a mid-size cross over luxury SUV has allowed this class to become popular with the masses.  There are many complaints of the ESP, and BAS lights being illuminated on the dash of this class. This is commonly caused by a faulty brake light switch. This common failure can be troubling  since it will also cause the brake lights to not illuminate during failure. The only way to correct this issue is by replacing the faulty brake light switch itself.

Mercedes CLS Class

The CLS class was introduced by Mercedes in 2004. The class was designed to offer both the sporty design of a coupe, and practicality of a sedan. This class has had it’s fair share of suspension related complaints. Many vehicle owners have reported that the rear of the vehicle will sag, and the air pump for the rear suspension will activate more then normal. This is most commonly caused by leaking rear air springs. The only way to correct this issue, and restore the popular ride quality of the vehicle is to replace the rear air springs.

Mercedes-Benz is known for setting the standard of luxury automobiles. This auto maker is not afraid to introduce new technologies when rolling out a new class of vehicle. With every advance in technology there is always the chance of failure. Even though this automotive power house is no exception to the rule. With that being stated there is no denying the history, performance, over all reliability, and luxury that this auto maker has to offer.

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