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Reasons for common SAAB failures and repairs

Saab is a Swedish brand of automobiles that has roots dating back around 1945. Saab was originally brought to the industry by a Swedish airplane company that is known for designing aircraft for the Swedish air force. Over time this company has been sold, and bought by multiple companies. The largest company to leave their stamp on this brand is General Motors. Many models over the years have been directly designed by the American automotive manufacturer. At this point in time Saab is no longer an active manufacturer. There have been a couple attempts by different companies to revive the Swedish brand, but no company has been successful since Saab was sold by General Motors. Even while being designed by the large American automotive manufacturer there have been a fair share of reported issues with this brand. Many are common issues that can be shared by Saab owners throughout the world.

Common complaints of SAAB owners

SAAB 9-3 Repair

Arguably the most popular model in the Saab lineup is the 9-3. This compact vehicle is based off of a General Motors platform. Many Saab 9-3’s are still running the roadways today, and can be found throughout the world. Even with being designed by General Motors, this model did have its faults. The most common failure for this model is the power windows. When the vehicle is equipped with an automatic close feature there are reports that when the window goes up fully it will drop back down about an inch. This is due to the a fault in the pinch protection system. This is corrected by being reset, reprogrammed, or replacement of a defective part depending on the full diagnosis.

SAAB 9-7x Repair

The Saab 9-7X is the automotive manufacturers version of a mid-size SUV. Like most models offered by the manufacturer, this model is based from a General Motors platform, and can be directly compared to the GMC Envoy. This model was the first American built vehicle in the lineup, and the first Saab to offer an all wheel drive platform. This model is equipped with a rear self leveling suspension system. This system is known to sag causing an un-even ride height. According to repairpal.com this issue can be corrected by recalibrating the sensors related to the system.

SAAB 9-5 Repair

Saab introduced the 9-5 model around 1998. This was the first model to offer ventilated seats, and an asymmetrical turbocharger system. This model is known for its oil leaks. Most of these leak issues are actually caused by excessive crankcase pressure that forces the oil past seals, and gaskets. There is an updated PCV valve that was released to correct this complaint.

Moving on..

SAAB 900 Repair

The Saab 900 was produced in the 1978 to 1998 time frame. This long running model also has its share of complaints throughout the years. This model is also known for its oil leaks. There are many different complaints for this issue, and many of them are related to each other. One of the most common places to find an oil leak would be at the distributor oring. The only way to correct this issue would be replacement of oring itself.

SAAB 9-4x Repair

Saabs answer to the compact SUV market was the 9-4X. Similar to most other Saab models this SUV was directly built from a General Motors platform. This model was a smaller all wheel drive answer to it’s larger SUV sibling. With much research, and forum reading it was found that are no major common complaints related with this model offered by Saab. Many 9-4X owners have been very satisfied owning this compact SUV. Unfortunately this model is no longer available since Saab is no longer in production.

SAAB 9-2x Repair

General Motors at one point owned shares in Subaru. This allowed the automotive manufacturer to design a vehicle under the Saab line that can be directly compared to the popular Japanese manufacturer. The Saab 9-2X was built using a Subaru Impreza platform offering both the Subaru engine options, and all wheel drive system. This model has had its fair share of ignition issues. The most common cause of these complaints has been the ignition switch. This will cause the vehicle to not start leaving the vehicle owner stranded. The most common repair for this issue is to replace the ignition switch itself.

Saab has been around for many years. Being directly influenced by General Motors has allowed this vehicle manufacturer to grow since its inception. Unfortunately this brand is no longer being produced. This affects many aspects of the Saab owning experience including parts availability. Even with their issues throughout the years many Saab vehicles can still be found on the road today.

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