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Audi inspection / tune-up

Recently took a family member’s Audi here for inspection and whatever tune-up and service it might need. We’d previously been taking it to the dealer it came from (Mnhtn Audi or whatever it’s called now) and I’d had enough of feeling like an anonymous (over-paying) sucker. The service they (John, the owner I believe) recommended was in line with the car’s history (ie. long time since tuneup), and he didn’t try to push anything on me that I knew was not needed (ie. I knew the brakes were fine). There was an issue which he took the time to explain, drawing a picture (literally) and showing me the parts involved (and cost) on the computer and why it would take a while to do the work. But said it didn’t have to be dealt with now, but I should be aware of it – which matched what my uncle, a long-time car fiddler said. Nice to not get the subtly-threatening sales push as at many other places.

It is rare that you go to a repair shop and not get your typical dog and pony show.

This shop is fantastic.  I brought my Nissan in because the a/c went out completely.  They not only worked with my warranty company, but they were also honest and upfront with all the repairs.  It is rare that you go to a repair shop and not get your typical dog and pony show.

The car has been running perfectly since they fixed it.

My daughters BMW broke down in Manhattan on Sunday early evening. We live in Connecticut and don’t know of any garages in NYC let alone one that would answer the phone on a Sunday. I found Active Auto Repair on Yelp and called.I explained the situation and they said to tell my daughter to stay with the car and they would have a tow truck there in 15 minutes. The tow showed up right away. The next day they called with the analysis and price.  I checked it with my local repair guy and he said it was very fair for the parts and labor.They had the car ready the next day.  When I picked it up they were very professional.  They had all of the paper work ready and explained the warrantee.  The car has been running perfectly since they fixed it.These guys are heroes in my book.  They saved the day for me and my daughter.  They did what they said they would do and they did it very well.  I highly recommend them.

If you’re in town and need a good mechanic’s shop, they’re the place to go.

A year ago, my car stalled going into the city during rush-hour on the GWB at 7:30 in the morning. After getting towed to Manhattan BMW and them kidnapping my car for 3 days, only to slap me with a bill for $1200, plus 160 for a diagnostic (I knew what it was, it was the alternator), I threatened them with everything I could think of to roll my car out into the street and let me find another mechanic.I looked manically online for someone who could do the work on an older bmw and had the part, started calling, and sure enough Active Auto Repair had the part, and instead of days, said they could take it at 10, and to go see a movie and by the time it was over, they’d have the car taken care of.I also had a worn out belt they noticed and replaced. I expected to pay for it but they said it was easy to do with the alternator out and that it was no trouble. I couldn’t recommend them with more passion and fervor. If you’re in town and need a good mechanic’s shop, they’re the place to go. HANDS DOWN.