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Reasons for common Toyota failures and repairs

There is no automotive brand in the world that has risen to popularity like Toyota has. Over the years they have added multiple brands to their lineup including Lexus, Hino, and Scion. This company has built brand loyalty in the market by producing reliable, and affordable vehicles. There was a short time period when the automotive manufacturer had multiple models plagued with recalls. This would not stop the manufacturer from continuing to grow in popularity. Even with their history of reliability this brand does have it’s fair share of common complaints throughout its lineup.

Common complaints of Toyota owners

Toyota Corolla Repair

The Toyota Corolla is not only the best all time selling model in their lineup, but also one of the top selling automobiles across the automotive industry. The Corolla was introduced to the world around 1966. It didn’t take long for this model to make it’s name in the compact market. This model is widely known for being reliable, and having a competitive price point compared to the rest of the market. Even with its history of reliability, the Corolla has had it’s issues over the years. There have been many owners that have been stuck in their driveway due to the vehicle not starting. This is most commonly caused by a failed starter. The starter solenoid attached to the starter assembly tends to fail leaving the vehicle un-able to start. The solenoid, and starter assembly are normally sold as one unit which means the only way to correct this issue is by replacing the starter assembly.

Toyota Camry Repair

The larger sibling to the Toyota Corolla is the Camry. This mid-size model has won the hearts of many owners since it was brought to the market around 1982. The Camry is also known for its reliability which has made it very popular in the mid-size market. There have been many complaints for the Camry related to the power steering system. The power steering pump tends to leak causing loss of fluid. This will cause symptoms such as a whining noise from the power steering due to low fluid, and leaking on the ground. There are also hoses in the power steering system that tend to leak. These hoses have compressed fittings that leak over time. The only way to correct these issues is by replacing both the power steering pump, and related hoses to prevent further leaking.

Toyota Solara Repair

The Toyota Solara is closely related to Camry. The Solara is a sportier version of the Camry that comes in both coupe, and convertible models. This model was designed to appeal to owners who prefer a spacious vehicle with a sportier flare. The Solara has had its fair share of interior issues. The most common interior issue would be cracking of the dash panels. Over time the dash panel is known to develop cracks, and separate. Unfortunately for owners who experience this problem there is no easy fix to correct the issue. The only way to take care of this complaint is by replacing the dash panel itself. Many owners simply leave the issue alone due to the high cost of repair.

Toyota Tacoma Repair

Toyota is not only known for their reliable cars. They are also known worldwide for producing reliable trucks as well. The Toyota Tacoma is one of those trucks. In the beginning of the Tacomas life it was known as a compact truck due to its smaller design. Now with the surge of midsize trucks flooding the market, this model has had a makeover so it could compete in the mid-size market. The Tacoma had a period of time where the suspension system gave owners some issues. The ball joints on some model years will wear prematurely causing looseness in the front end. This issue has been recognized by Toyota to point where they issued a recall for the complaint. Any Tacoma owner who is having an issue with ball joints should contact their local Toyota dealer to see if their model year is covered under the recall to ensure the complaint is corrected.

Toyota Tundra Repair

The Tundra is the larger truck in Toyotas lineup. This truck has had many changes over the years. Toyota has put much research, and develop into this model so it can compete with the larger American brand work horses. There are many complaints related to the exhaust system for this model. Many owners complain of a ticking noise that will develop over time. This is most commonly caused by a failed exhaust manifold. The manifold will develop cracks which will allow the exhaust to escape. When the exhaust escapes through these cracks it will cause a ticking noise that can be heard mostly when the engine is cold. The only cure for this complaint is to replace the exhaust manifold that is leaking.

Toyota 4Runner Repair

The mid-size SUV in Toyota’s lineup is the 4Runner. In its earlier years the 4Runner was closely related to the Tacoma, and was considered to be a compact SUV. Over time the 4Runner separated from the Tacoma as far as design, and now stands alone as the mid-size SUV in the lineup. Many owners have complained of poor shifting over time. This is related to the transmission assembly. In some cases the transmission assembly itself must be removed, and repaired. This is not always the case with this complaint. There are other electrical components that could affect shifting quality of the transmission. When experiencing this issue the best way to handle it would be to have the complaint properly diagnosed by a qualified professional.

Toyota is arguably the most successful automotive manufacturer in the world. This brand of vehicles has built a long lasting legacy by building reliable vehicles that stand the test of time. Just like every other popular automotive manufacturer, they do have their common issues throughout their lineup. This has not stopped the automotive giant from continuing to grow, and expand in the automotive industry.

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