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We are a BOSCH Certified VW Repair shop in NYC, on the Upper East Side. As VW mechanics we specialize in servicing Volkswagens—Golf, Passat, Jetta, Tiguan, Toureg and Beetle included.

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Reasons for common VW failures and repairs

Since it’s birth in 1946 Volkswagen has taken the world by storm. According to a list that was put together by 24/7 Wall St. the Golf, Beetle, and Jetta have made a list of the top 10 best selling cars of all time. Just like anything else in life there will be struggle when rising to the top. Volkswagen is no exception to this rule. Over the years even their most popular models have been plagued with common issues. Active Auto Repair NYC got its start as a VW mechanic and service center. Our passion for these cars persists—you can see the emblem on our repair shop.

Let’s break it down by model and list the most common failures for each of their popular models.


Volkswagen Golf Repair

For any Golf owner there is a good possibility that low oil will be in their future. This model has seen it’s fair share of oil loss in between scheduled regular maintenance. Oil consumption issues have been widely reported by many owners. Unfortunately Volkswagen does not have a solution for this complaint which has left many owners scratching their heads. The only response given by the auto manufacturer is that there is no issue if one quart of oil is lost every one thousand miles of use. The average oil change if using synthetic oil is five thousand miles. If the vehicle holds five quarts of oil then in theory by the time the maintenance is due, the vehicle will have no oil on the dipstick. This sounds like a larger problem then Volkswagen would like to admit. VW Golf drivers should be sure to monitor their oil level and replenish it more often than the standard recommendation. We can identify the most effective and efficient fluids to put in. Give us a call and schedule a visit for an inspection, for maintenance or service on your Golf.

Golfs are not the only VW model plagued by this issue. Read our in-depth article on Low Oil Issues on Volkswagens.

Volkswagen Passat Repair

The Passat can be found on almost every roadway in North America. This model has been in the hearts of many Volkswagen enthusiast for some time now. Just like it’s sibling the Golf, this model comes with it’s own oil system issues. Oil sludge inside the engine has been a major problem for the Passat. The unfortunate fact about this complaint is that there will normally be no sign of potential failure until it is to late. The oil sludge will prevent proper flow of oil through out the system. This will cause lack of oil pressure, and improper lubrication of major engine components. If the oil light illuminates on this model make sure to pull over as there will be no good that will come from that illumination on the dashboard. If this happens, we recommend calling Local Towing NYC—a 24/7 flatbed tow truck servicing Manhattan.

Volkswagen Jetta Repair

The Jetta is possibly the most popular vehicle in this line up. It also is subject to it’s own common complaints. The most popular complaint out there for this model is a hard shifting transmission. There will most likely be a check engine light illuminated that will go along with the hard transition between gears. After scanning the vehicle computer for codes, there is a strong possibility that something related to the valve body will be found. Active Auto Repair NYC is a transmission specialty shop—we have become very skilled at repairing this issue from experience.

Volkswagen Tiguan

The compact Tiguan has seen it’s fair share of check engine lights in it’s day. This SUV tends to run rough at some point in it’s life. The running rough feeling, and flashing check engine light will be the first signs that you should bring your car in. The most common failure for this model is the coil packs that supply power to the spark plugs. Once the coil becomes faulty, the spark plug will be unable to fire causing the vehicle to run rough. The flashing check engine light that goes along with this issue simply means that it is time to pull over, and shut off the vehicle until the repair needed is made.

Volkswagen Toureg Repair

The Toureg is the big brother to it’s smaller SUV sibling. Bigger does not always necessarily mean it is better. This model is the only one in the line up that has diesel issues. Many Toureg owners have been left stranded in their driveway because the vehicle will not start. This is most commonly due to a fuel pump failure. If the fuel pump fails there will be no fuel supplied which will cause the diesel engine to not combust. The result? Your morning commute will be delayed since your Toureg won’t start.

Volkswagen Beetle Repair

The Beetle is arguably the most iconic vehicle in the Volkswagen line up. Unfortunately this model has left many owners with an airbag fault illuminated on the dashboard. This pesky light can be very costly to repair depending on what the root cause of the failure is. There have been many reports of both a failed airbags, and faulty wiring causing this issue.

Even Volkswagens—made by a German automotive powerhouse—are subject to common failures. With these common issues there still is no stopping this brand from growing stronger. For every fault with the models listed above there are positive attributes to go along with them. Volkswagen will continue it’s quest to take over the industry and will continue to be one of the top selling brands in the world.

By Daniel Ingemi. Copyright Active Auto Repair NYC.

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