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Low Oil Issues on Volkswagens

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This is an in-depth write-up on a common issue plaguing Volkswagens. For information on other issues and symptoms in VW Golf, Passat, Jetta, Tiguan, Toureg and Beetles, go back to our page for our VW Repair Service, Manhattan, NYC.

Many Volkswagen models throughout the years have see their fair share of oiling system issues. The most commonly reported issue related to this specific system would be the loss of oil in between regularly scheduled maintenance services.

The first thought when this issue occurs is that the vehicle is leaking oil. If three is loss of oil then that must indicate that there is a leak somewhere. This theory is not always true when it comes to this German automotive brand. In most cases it was found that the oil loss is due to unfortunate consumption through the engine. This oil consumption can be very costly if the level of the oil is not checked regularly. Low oil level can lead to many other costly repairs. Volkswagen does recognize that this oil system issue is occurring. In technical service bulletins the automotive brand has clearly stated that they feel one quart of oil lost for every one thousand miles driven is acceptable. Let’s break it down, and see if this theory makes sense.

The average regular scheduled maintenance is due every five thousand miles when using synthetic oil. The mileage will vary depending on the vehicle, but we will use five thousand miles as our standard. If the vehicle holds five quarts of oil, the vehicle will then be empty by the time it is due for it’s regular scheduled maintenance.

This is a very troubling thought for anyone that has an idea of how engines operate. Oil is very important for the operation of any engine. Oil keeps important moving parts inside the engine lubricated. With out this lubrication there will be engine failure. In order for this theory to work, the oil will need to be checked every one thousand miles. If a quart is added every thousand miles, the service is due at five thousand miles, and the vehicle holds five quarts of oil the owner will technically have done their oil change twice in the allowed time frame. This thought process not only seems wasteful, but also un-reasonable.

The only way to prevent catastrophic engine failure is to be aware of certain signs that come along with the oil loss complaint.

Besides checking the oil level there are other signs you can look for.

  • Many models are equipped with a low oil light indicator on the dashboard. If this light comes on it is very important to have the oil level checked, and topped off if needed. We are a solid place for an oil change in NYC. We have oil change coupons, too—check out our current service specials.
  • Another sign to look for would be abnormal smoke coming out of the exhaust pipe. This would be caused by oil burning inside the engine resulting is excessive smoke through the exhaust system.

If this occurs then the vehicle should be taken in for service. We are a BOSCH Certified repair center that made its name repairing Volkswagens.

There are some common failures that will cause the low oil concern. A clogged positive crankcase ventilation system will cause abnormal pressure in the system which will cause oil to blow back into the engine. This will cause burning of the oil internally resulting in smoke out of the tail pipe. Another issue that has been found to cause this complaint is loose tolerances in the engine which allows oil to leak past the piston rings. This also will cause oil to go where it does not belong resulting in burning of the oil through the engine. Either of these faults can be costly repairs. When referring to oil loss, leaking oil can never be ruled out. There is always a possibility of external leaking even if there is no visible sign of leaking. Leaking oil should also be checked by a trained professional to locate the root cause of the leak.

Unfortunately there does not seem to be a solution for the oil loss complaint. Even though Volkswagen has recognized that this is a common complaint there has been no help given by the automaker. The only true solution to this problem is to simply make sure the engine oil is checked regularly. Many VW drivers have reported that they have shortened the length in between oil changes to ensure that the oil does not reach a dangerous level. If any abnormal symptoms if the issue are noticed, it is very important that the vehicle be checked by a professional to ensure that the vehicle is safe for operation. I’m sure many people will agree that avoiding major engine failure should be at the top of any priority list.

By Daniel Ingemi. Copyright Active Auto Repair NYC.

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